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The Maqui Berry contains ten times more antioxidants than any other food and improves our celular system preventing the formation of fat cell.

The Maqui Berry is a Chilean fruit that grows wild in the Native Forest of the Chilean Patagonia. It has not been possible to massively cultivate it.! The fruit collection is carried out manually, during summer, time with a strong emphasis on the forest sustainability and the original indigenous techniques. Maqui Berry detoxifies, cleanses and provides immune support and anti-inflammatory benefits.

It´s good for you

One of the peculiarities of the maqui, is found among the fruits with the highest antioxidant capacity world.

Why is good for you?

By regularly eat a healthy balanced diet with antioxidant content, we can delay the process of oxidation of our body, improving immune function, reducing the risk of infection and lower the chance of developing some diseases. By keeping the body healthy give you the chance to feel good, get your full potential and make the most of your life … to live more!

In the body the antioxidant process is like prevent an apple dims (is oxidized). Once cut the apple, slowly it becomes brown, but if we walked into an antioxidant substance, it remains white. This is because the antioxidants delay the oxygen damage caused by “free radicals” called, which can lead to the cells do not perform their duties properly.

It´s good for them

When you choose Newén Maqui you are supporting the associative work with vulnerable communities of the Chilean Patagonia

In a joint work with communities Mulchén, Santa Barbara, Los Notros and Quilaco, among others in the south of the country, the development of this product determined the training of about 200 pickers during the 2013 season, with a strong emphasis on care staff and forests. This, plus the timely payment and just the collected fruit, the personalized service and the desire to create an effective social impact, resulted in a crop full of affection that has the benefit of many families in southern Chile. Besides this, is that part of the profits generated by the sale of nectar Newen maqui, they have been allocated to the development of the same gatherer communities.

Part of this work, developed in private fields, was certified for marketing in the United States and Europe by the Swiss company IMO, under the seal For Life.

It´s good for us

Newén Maqui cares nature through sustainable harvesting of forests in Chile.

In the training, it was considered a special emphasis on sustainable harvesting techniques. The maqui is a Chilean product found wild in some of the southern regions of the country. Therefore, it is especially necessary to practice their pruning carefully during harvest, so that again bear fruit and the plant stays healthy. Also, it is vital to raise awareness about the natural environment in which it occurs, as oversights can lead to contamination and even fire.

Part of this crop was also certified for marketing in the United States and Europe by the Swiss company IMO, under the Organic seal.

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