Newen Maqui


Newén Maqui is a project managed by GeCo, supported by the Chilean Government through IDEA (Fosis Funds), Colbún S.A, the American organization The Aspen Institute, among others.

In GeCo we design and implement innovative projects that add value to society through the partnership between the public and private sector and civil society. We work with the areas of sustainability and corporate business, designing strategies, seeking opportunities and implementing collaborative projects, using market forces to generate social impact.


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In GECO we design and implement innovative projects that add value to the society and environment, through a collaborative work between the public and private sectors, and the local communities. Newén Maqui is an associative project managed by GECO, with the support of the Chilean Government, multinational companies Colbún S.A and Mininco, and the Aspen Institute among others